Thank You for taking the time to read my blogs. Many stories are meant to
serve as the basis for my opinions and views, some just to reminisce about
my past, some others are just for humor. My humor is very broad, and
usually truthful... although the topics can generate very hard feelings.

Perhaps if it does evoke hard feelings, it might be worth your interest
to see it as a tool for folks to learn from... like constructive criticism.

None of us should ever stop learning.
We should always want to do what's fair.
It's not too late to make better decisions.
We should all strive to be better people for ourselves and for others.

In the case of humor, I've always found that if the humor supersedes
the insult, then comedy is at its finest. Some of the humor or terms are
crude, but just remember, it's all in good fun and for the sake of comedy.

It can be hard to know when I am serious or when I'm pulling your leg
"Chappelle-Style" only because it's being read and not heard.

Just remember, take it how it was meant to be received,
and we'll all get along just fine.

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