Gerren B. Ard

Gerren Ard has been regarded by many as having wisdom well beyond
his years and the mind and heart of a true leader. He is a 2-time college
graduate with various academic achievements, including a Bachelor of
Art Degree in Game Art & Design, and a Bachelor of Science Degree
in Computer Information Systems.

As a "Man of The Month" for,
a professional panelist for a discussion on Arizona film trailers,
a Virtual Grammar Coach and advocate for childhood literacy,
and former Head Trainer for Tucson's premiere wrestling organization,
Gerren's accomplishments extend far beyond academics.

He's better known world-wide as the professional wrestler:
"Black Venom."

Gerren's hard-work ethic and dedicated philosophy has earned him
an undeniable reputation for ensuring professional excellence
and quality results under the toughest of circumstances.

GBA Studios have contributed professional services for a range of clients
including motion picture companies, ad agencies, construction companies,
sports-entertainment franchises, and is currently in the process of
creating a pro-wrestling video game.

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