Man of the Month

It's certainly not everyday that you get the honor of being called a "Man of the Month" in ANY capacity! It was amazing to see it pop up online! I forgot how busy I was, but I was kinda "out of it" and checked the online social scene. As I was scrolling through some messages, I saw my face pop up, wondering how my picture got online when I didn't post anything. Then I looked at it closer... and lo and behold!

"Congratulations to the Man of Month: Gerren Ard!"

After I got over the initial shock, all I could say then was:
"Wow! I'm gonna be the last 'Man of the Month' on Earth..."

Thank God the world didn't come to an end in 2012!

(above) "2013 Panel Discussion" on creating Film Trailers and Demo Reels


Being a "producer" means you're at the top of the totem pole, so to speak. I'm very proud of being given such a distinct honor, and the sacrifices made for it, along with the 20-hr days, shows that it takes a lot more than 'talent' to get a job done. Rewards come to those who "step up to the plate" and persevere against all odds.

Film Panel:
There's nothing more fulfilling than being able to share your knowledge with others. When esteemed individuals request your presence and regard you as a professional, you're doing something right. The trailer for "Blocked" garnered a lot of positive feedback and proved that Independent Arizona Filmmakers can play with the "big-boys." Everyone associated with the "Blocked" movie had our skills put to the test, and we delivered, exceeding EVERY expectation!

(above) "Internet Movie Database (IMDb)" Profile

(above) "Close Up Foundation" Tucson visits Washington D.C. in 1998. (Sen. Jim Kolbe standing right)

(above) "Close Up Foundation" Tucson visits Washington D.C. in 1998. (Sen. Jon Kyl standing left)


• "IFP Panel Discussion" on creating Film Trailers and Demo Reels - Phoenix, AZ (2013)
•'s "Man of the Month" for December - Tucson, AZ (2012)
• "Virtual Grammar Coach" for MindPlay's Online Literacy Program (2012)
• IMDB Profile
• Inspired Artwork in a mural for a Recreation Center - Rillito, AZ
• "Blocked" Film Debut at Valley Arts Theatre - Phoenix, AZ (2012)
• "Blocked" Film becomes "Official Selection" for Phoenix Comicon - Phoenix, AZ (2012)
• Producer / Assistant Director / Graphic Designer - "Blocked" (2011)
• News about "Dragons Den Pro Wrestling: The Video Game" becomes public (2009)
• "Mary Shelley's: The Last Man" Film Debut at Fox Theatre - Tucson, AZ (2007)
• Stuntman / 3D Modeler / 2nd Unit Director - "Mary Shelley's: The Last Man" (2007)
• 2 Store Awards (Perfect Scores) - Cousins Subs
• Manager - Cousins Subs
• First 100% Score (From Thomas DiCosola, who NEVER gave 100's) - AIPX
• Scored 28 out of 30 (93%) - MENSA Workout Test
• Dean's List - Both Schools
• Bachelor of Art (Game Art and Design) - Art Institute of Phoenix (2006)
• Bachelor of Science (Computer Information Systems) - DeVry University (2002)
• Diploma - Palo Verde High School in Tucson, AZ (1999)
• Graduated "Head of the Class" in English (1999)
• Baccalaureate Speaker (Senior Reflections) - Palo Verde High School (1999)
• Honor Roll - Palo Verde High School (1999)
• "Black Venom" pictured in Tucson Weekly (1999)
• "Black Venom" Mention in Palo Verde Post Newspaper (1999)
• "Black Venom" Mentions in Pro Wrestling Illustrated (1999)
• Head Trainer - Dragons Den Pro Wrestling in Tucson, AZ (1999)
• "Close Up Foundation" trip to Washington D.C. (1998)
• Awarded a Major Letter in High School Wrestling - Palo Verde (1998)
• Wrestling Team wins "Bill Bell Tournament" - Palo Verde (1998)
• Varsity High School Wrestler - Palo Verde (1997-99)
• KGUN 9 News Coverage - "Kita Doro Dojo" Karate (1992)
• KOLD 13 News Coverage - "Kita Doro Dojo" Karate (1992)
• KOLD 13 News Coverage - Pistor Middle School (1992)
• "Straight-A" Medal Recipient - Pistor Middle School (1993)
• "Bear Essential News" reporter (inactive) - Pistor Middle School (1993)
• Student Council Member (Substitute) - Pistor Middle School (1993)
• Accepted to full-time G.A.T.E. School - Pistor Middle School (1993)
• "Black History Competition" Schoolwide Winner - Cavett Elementary (1992)
• Student Council Member - Cavett Elementary (1992)
• Patrol Member - Cavett Elementary (1992)
• Wrote (and Received) letter to Sen. Dennis DeConcini (G.A.T.E) - Cavett Elementary (1990)
• Began "Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E)" - Cavett Elementary (1990)
• Perfect Spelling (33-week Streak) 99.8% Accuracy - Cavett Elementary (1988-89)
• "Best Reader" Award - Cavett Elementary (1987)

(above) "Letter" in High School Wrestling - Palo Verde High School.

(above) "Pro Wrestling Illustrated" mentions Dragons Den Pro Wrestling results in May 1999 edition.


(a) 2-Time College Graduate (B.A.)

(b) Kindergarten Graduate (Best Reader)

Quick Fact:

My trailer for the movie
"Blocked" earned us a seat on
Independent Future Project's:
Phoenix (IFP-Phx) monthly
Filmmaker Fusion Panel.

(c) Phoenix Comicon "Official Selection"

Quick Fact:

The movie "Blocked" became
an "Official Selection" for the
Phoenix Comicon in 2012.

(d) Comicon "Red Carpet" Celebration

(e) Marquee for "Blocked" Premiere

Side Note:

"The 'Close Up Foundation' is
one of the greatest things to
have ever happened to me.

I love history, and this was an
experience that EVERYONE
should get to do. It's amazing
to see a "history book" unfold
right before your eyes!

Entering the Ford Theatre,
where Lincoln was shot, your
mind envisions everything that
happened as if you were there
to witness it all!

You can't capture this from a book... the smells... the sights!!!

I sat in a chair, watched the
stage and envisioned the play:
"My American Cousin"
in my mind, able to imagine a
gunshot ringing from the
balcony! I could picture John
Wilkes Booth jumping onto the
stage, shouting at us in Latin,
and making a dash to get away!

It's too incredible for words,
but I can say I was THERE!

Everything has a fascinating
story, and I never looked at
Washington the same way
again. We DO have a voice!
But we have to SPEAK!

Thank You Mrs. Engelhard!
Thank You "Close Up!"

(f) Taking a stand against Injustice

(g) Black Venom's 3D Counterpart

(h) Black Venom in School Newspaper

Quick Fact:

This is not the only time my
name has been printed in
Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

This issue simply marked
Black Venom's first official
Professional Wrestling debut
on November 17th, 1998.

This was my very first loss,
and my only loss for 7 straight

Until I lost to Tiger Smith...