IMAGES | June 8, 2012 |
"Blocked" Artwork

(above) Screener DVD Cover for "Blocked"

(above) Official "Blocked" Website (HTML5)

(above) "Blocked" Comicon 2012 Advertisement

(above) "Blocked" 2012 Theatrical Release Advertisement"

(above) Advertisement for Lou Pimber in "Blocked"

(above) Black & White Printed Ad

(above) Credits/Name/Title Graphics for "Blocked" Trailers

(above) "Blocked" graphic for webpage

(above) Facebook Ad for "Blocked"

(above) "Feature Film of the Day" graphic for "Blocked"

(above) "Talk-Easy" Login Webpage (in movie)

(above) "Talk-Easy" Profile Webpage (in movie)

(above) "Blocked" Test (Different Art Direction)